Linear Axis Robot
BER Economic Type
BBR Ballscrew Driven
BTR Timing Belt Driven
BSF Ballnut
BDF Ballnut
BSE Ballnut
BSR Ballnut
BSM Ballnut
Linear Guide
BLH-F/FL Carriage
BLH-N/NL Carriage
BLH-M/ML Cariage
End Support
BK/BF Support
FK/FF Support
EK/EF Support
AK/AF Support
Jaw Coupling
Single Disc Coupling
Double Disc Coupling

FBT BBR Series Ball Screw Driven Linear Modules Features 

1.  Competitive price and short lead time 

2.  Dust-proof design 

3.  Precision and high speed 

4.  Easy installation 

5.  Design Optimization 

6.  Customised long stroke provided   


FBT BBR seres industrial Robots are equipped with a dust-proof strip to prevent wear particles from flying out. Because of the dust-proof design, this type of Linear Industrial Robot is ideal for the manufacturing of semiconductor equipment, LED examination equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Chinese Manufacture / Fabricante / Produttore / Herstelller for Ballscrew Driven type Single Axis Robot,it is built by Ballscrew and Linear guide, widely used in various industries automation equipment,have Semi-enclosed type and Fully-enclosed type, We offer OEM/ODM service for this product.

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