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Coupling types and the Working application

Coupling Models

Couplings are mainly divided into flexible couplings and rigid couplings. The breakdown is as follows:

1) Groove coupling: parallel groove, spiral groove

2) diaphragm coupling

3) Cross type coupling

4) Claw type / Plum blossom / Star pad coupling

5) Bellows type coupling

6) Sprocket coupling

7) rigid coupling

8) universal joint

Working Application

1. For low-speed shafts with stable loads, such as accurate centering of the two shafts and rigidity of the shaft itself, a rigid coupling can be selected

2. If the alignment is difficult and the rigidity of the shaft is poor, a coupling with offset compensation capability can be selected.

3. If the two axes form a certain angle, a universal joint can be selected.

4. For situations with relative displacement and harsh working environment, roller chain coupling can be selected

5. For heavy-duty transmission with high power and no impact, it is recommended to choose gear couplings first.

6. For heavy-duty transmission with severe impact loads at the same time, it is recommended to use rubber metal ring couplings, tire couplings or reed couplings with high elasticity.

7. For high-speed transmission, couplings with high balance accuracy should be used, such as diaphragm couplings, tooth couplings, etc., and eccentric slider couplings should not be used.

8. For non-standard machinery and equipment that does not exceed tens of kilowatts on general roads and has a small impact, when the radial offset of the two axes is not greater than 0.15mm and the angular offset is not greater than 0.5 กใ, it is recommended to use cheap elastic columns first For pin couplings, when the radial offset of the two axes is not greater than 0.15mm and the angular offset is not greater than 1 กใ, it is recommended to preferentially choose a cheap plum-shaped elastic coupling; only 9. When the movement and angular deviation are larger, consider the use of tooth couplings and tire couplings that have better compensation performance and are more expensive; when the angular deviation is not greater than 1.5 กใ, consider the use of universal joints Shaft
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