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Installation method of ball screw nut

First of all, it is not recommended that users remove and install nuts by themselves, especially high-precision ball screws.

If the nut accidentally falls off or you have disassembled it now, please reinstall the nut according to the following method: Turn an outer diameter slightly smaller than the bottom diameter of the screw raceway (about 0.1mm smaller) and the inner diameter slightly larger than the outer diameter of the end of the screw. (Large 0.5 ~ 2mm), the hollow sleeve is longer than the nut length (10 ~ 50mm).

Defective installation of ball screw pair in old method

1.According to the traditional process, the ball screw pair is installed with a mandrel and positioning sleeve to connect the bearing support at the two ends and the middle wire mother seat together for correction. Use a dial indicator to align the mandrel axis with the machine tool guide. And make the mandrel drive free and brisk method. This installation method is more convenient to apply to small CNC machine tools and machining centers with small strokes in three coordinate directions.

Due to the gap between the core rod and the positioning sleeve, the positioning sleeve and the bearing holes supported at both ends, and the wire socket hole in the middle, the coaxiality error between the installed bearing bearing hole and the wire socket hole is often large, causing Increasing the screw lead, increasing the radial offset load, causing a series of serious consequences such as temperature rise, thermal deformation and transmission torque increase in various parts of the screw shaft system, leading to overload and overheating of the servo motor and servo system alarm , Affecting the normal operation of the machine.

In addition, the actual difference between the bearing holes at both ends and the center wire mother seat hole cannot be accurately measured, which affects further accurate adjustment. For three CNC machine tools and machining centers with large strokes in the coordinate direction, because the required mandrel is more than 1500mm, it is difficult to process and it is difficult to ensure accuracy. Therefore, the alignment method of the mandrel and positioning sleeve cannot be used to perform the ball screw pair. installation.
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