Linear Axis Robot
BER Economic Type
BBR Ballscrew Driven
BTR Timing Belt Driven
BSF Ballnut
BDF Ballnut
BSE Ballnut
BSR Ballnut
BSM Ballnut
Linear Guide
BLH-F/FL Carriage
BLH-N/NL Carriage
BLH-M/ML Cariage
End Support
BK/BF Support
FK/FF Support
EK/EF Support
AK/AF Support
Jaw Coupling
Single Disc Coupling
Double Disc Coupling

What's the advantages of linear guides?

1 Easy installation and easy interchange . 

Due to the use of precise processing technology , the linearity of the slide rail is high , the error of the mounting screw holes in the slide rail is small , the installation is convenient , and the linear guide rails are interchangeable . The sliders or slide rails , or even the linear guide rails can be replaced separately . The machine regains high accuracy . 

2 , Drastically reduce driving power . 

Because the linear guide rail movement has very low friction force , only a small amount of power is needed to move the machine , which significantly reduces the power loss of the machine , and the heat generated by friction is very small . It is suitable for high-speed and frequent starting And reversing moving parts . 

3 , High working accuracy . 

The movement towards / away the linear guide is realized by the rolling of the steel ball . Not only the friction coefficient is reduced to 1/50 of the sliding guide , but also the difference between the dynamic and static friction resistance curves becomes small , achieving smooth movement , reducing impact and vibration , and being less prone to crawling . Therefore , it can achieve um-level feed positioning accuracy , which is beneficial to improve the response speed and sensitivity of the numerical control system . 

4 , Strong disproof and sealing ability . 

The linear guide has good anti-bio-performance . The two ends of the slider are equipped with sealed end caps , and the bottom can be used with a sealing film . At the same time , the slide-rail fixing screw holes is equipped with anti-bio-threaded caps to prevent the accumulation of dust , thereby ensuring product life and performance . 

5 , Simple lubrication structure . 

The linear guide rail is equipped with an oil injection hole on the slider , which can be directly filled with grease by an oil injection gun , or can be connected to the oil supply pipe to lubricate the automatic oil supply machine , which reduces the wear and tear and allows the machine to maintain accuracy for a long time

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