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What's the advantages of Ballscrew

Ball screw drive system is a system of rolling screw drive with ball as rolling medium. Divided by the transmission form, turning rotary motion into linear motion; converting linear motion into rotary motion, two types. Ball screw has the following advantages:

1). Smooth movement
The ball screw drive system is a point-contact rolling motion, with low friction resistance during work, high sensitivity, no chattering at startup, and no crawling at low speed, so it can precisely control the micro-feed.

2), High transmission efficiency
The transmission efficiency of the ball screw drive system is as high as 90% to 98%, which is 2 to 4 times that of the traditional sliding screw system. For example, it can get a large thrust with a small torque, and it can also turn from linear motion to rotation. Motion (reversible motion).

3), High precision

The ball screw drive system has a small temperature rise during movement, and can be pre-tensioned to eliminate axial clearance and pre-stretch the lead screw to compensate for thermal elongation, so high positioning accuracy and repeatable positioning accuracy can be obtained.

4), Reliable synchronization

As the movement is stable, the response is sensitive, there is no block and no slip, the same ball screw drive system with the same sleeves is used to drive the same parts or devices at the same time, and a good synchronization effect can be obtained.

5), High durability

The rolling contact parts of the steel balls are all hardened (HRC58 ~ 63) and precision ground. The cyclic system process is purely rolling.

6), High reliability

Compared with other transmission machinery and hydraulic transmission, the failure rate of the ball screw drive system is very low, and the ball screw is also relatively simple to maintain, requiring only general lubrication and dust protection. In special occasions, it can work without lubrication.

7), no backlash and high rigidity

The ball screw drive system adopts Gothic arch groove shape, which makes the steel ball and groove get the best contact for easy operation. If appropriate pretension force is added to eliminate axial clearance, the ball can have better rigidity, reduce elastic deformation between the ball screw nut and the screw, and achieve higher accuracy.
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