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Miniature linear guide installation steps

Linear guides have been widely used in our lives. It has appeared in the power industry, automation industry, medical industry and even precision instrument industry many times. It is inseparable from modern industrial production. In the past, China's production level lags far behind developed countries, and most micro-linear guidelines rely on imports. People who see business opportunities will never give up such opportunities. In the early stages of industrial production, purchasing and installing equipment was an important step. Generally, companies consider the cost of selecting equipment. Basically, they buy the right production equipment to meet the price / performance ratio. Fast and accurate installation of production equipment will save a lot of preparation time. Taking the most popular miniature linear guide as an example, installation has become a common step due to its wide range of uses.

The first step in installing a miniature linear guide is to place the guide on the mounting surface. At this time, the reference hole and the threaded hole should be aligned;

The second step is tightening. When the two overlap, it is very simple. Once there is an inappropriate need to modify the threaded hole with a cone, and then tighten all screws;

The third part is the installation of auxiliary rails.

After the final installation, a thorough and detailed inspection should be performed to ensure that the accuracy of the installation is not a problem. Usually, optical instruments are used to check the accuracy of the installation. After passing, the dust hole can be fixed and put into use. If they fail, the installation steps should be checked again to make sure they are working properly and without compromising accuracy.
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