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How does the ball screw prevent rust?

The screw shaft and the nut have a common axis. The nut fixing frame does not move. The screw rod rotates around its axis for one revolution, moves a pitch along the direction of the axis, and the ball rolls in a spherical spiral groove formed by the screw rod and the nut. Avoid the balls from escaping the nut and continue to work.
The shallow rust on the surface of the ball screw (under the premise that the rust layer does not affect the size of the screw), can be polished with fine sandpaper: first wash the oil on the screw with gasoline, wipe it with cotton silk, and clean the outside of the screw. The rust on the cylindrical surface is polished with fine sandpaper; for embroidery in the threaded roller track of the screw rod, the fine sandpaper can be rubbed into thin strips, and then polished in the roller track until the rust is removed. After derusting, apply anti-rust oil or grease (3 lithium-based grease) on the screw rod in time.
If the screw rod is very rusty, it is not recommended to use it anymore. Continued use will affect the positioning accuracy, and if it is a high-speed and heavy-load condition, it is also prone to accidents.
Lubricating oil is generally used for full loss systems, and lithium-based grease can be used as the grease. Lubricating grease is generally added to the housing space of the threaded raceway and the mounting nut, and the lubricating oil is injected into the space of the nut through the oil hole in the housing. Replace the grease on the ball screw every six months.
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